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Finger Coils on 4c Natural Hair Must Read Tips

back to school hairstyle for boys

I’ve been trying finger coils out on my son’s kinky hair without gel and now I high key TAP TO READ MORE

Natural Hair Clip-Ins: 6 Keys to Installing and Wearing Natural Hair Extensions

installing natural hair clip-ins in natural hair

If you want to rock out with your fro out, but you wish your hair was juusssst a little bit bigger TAP TO READ MORE

Porosity: All About Hair Porosity & Moisturizing Natural Hair

Hair Porosity and Moisturizing Natural Hair
What are your natural hair struggles? That is a question I recently posted to my luvs on my Instagram account. I asked the quesiton because in 2017 I want to see all my subscribers, supporters, followers,etc. mastering challenges on their own and LuvMika is here to help. The majority of the responses that I got back pertained to moisturizing natural hair. I have a plethora of videos in which I’ve shared how I moisturize my natural hair, products that have left me with moisturized results, but y’all there’s one little EXTREMELY crucial aspect of maintaining moisturized natural hair that I have never shared and it is hair porosity. So if you are..

  • struggling with constantly dry natural hair
  • stuck with products

Detangling 4c Natural Hair with the Kareco Tangle Buster

Kareco Tangle Buster Review
Yall I remember the days when I use to struggle with my natural hair. Although I’ve been natural all my life, I still had a learning period once I stopped letting my mom do my own hair. I use to detangle my hair with a regular comb and that is a huge natural hair mistake considering my hair density and type 4 (mostly 4c) natural hair type. Fast forward a solid 9 years, and managing my hair is cake with strawberry filling…and sprinkles. I’ve figured out what the best conditioners for detangling my natural hair are and have found detangling tools that make the process even better. However I still like to peruse the hair care aisles of regular stores and beauty supply stores to see what else is out there. On one of my recent trips to Walmart, I came across the Kareco Tangle Buster detangling brush and I just had to try it out and share my thoughts on it with you. . See why it’s good  to support your girl by subscribing? You get to “try” products without spending them coins! See how the Kareco Tangle Buster detangling brush stood up (or not) to my kinky natural hair in this video. See more articles about detangling your natural hair here, here, and here.

Must Read Essential Tips on Recovering from Natural Hair Heat Damage


You slayed that  blowout or flat ironed style. You killed it with those poppin curls courtesy of your curling wand. Yassss you did that!   Now you notice your hair is just not the same after it reverted back to its natural state. What’s wrong? More than likely it is heat damage, one of the most common setbacks for naturals on growth and healthy hair journeys. Here are some