DIY : Hibiscus Tea Rinse for Natural Hair

 How about some tea…for your hair?!

A tea rinse is a treatment for your hair in which you basically brew a tea and drench your hair in it. What your hair receives from the rinse varies with the tea you choose. Black tea and green tea contain caffeine and it’s believed rinsing your hair with it will promote hair growth. =&0=& Shampoo , =&1=& Tea Rinse, & =&2=& Deep Condition. 

Tea rinses tend to give your hair a hard feeling. Using a deep conditioner, adds that softness back to your hair.

How to Make It

Here’s how I made my Hibiscus Tea Rinse. Most tea rinses are made from teabags containing dried herbs, but I see hibiscus flowers everywhere on my way to and from work and other places so I figured why not pick a few and make it fresh. Here’s a video of my DIY below! 



My Natural Hair Story : I Wasn’t Always Happy to be Nappy

 I hate to say it, but I wanted to relax my hair…”

 When did you go natural? Did you big chop or transition? These are just a couple of questions that you ask someone that you’re trying to get to know as it pertains to their natural hair. I’ve also asked these questions in person and in interviews for this blog , but I can’t personally answer them because I’ve never relaxed my hair. 


That’s me rocking a chunky twist out on shrunken hair.


I’ve been natural for 27 years. Although I’ve been natural for so long, I can only take ownership for the last 6 years. Up until 2009, my hair has been maintained by my mother, kitchen beauticians, or professional hair braiders with actual salons. It was not until 2009, that I became conscious of maintaining my hair through research. When I say research I mean diving into the YouTube world and discovering the natural hair community that was on there. I found inspiration and natural hair care education in YouTubers like  BlackOnyx77 , African Export, and Naptural85. I learned not only how to care for my thick, kinky 4c hair, but I came to love it. However, I wasn’t always happy to be nappy.  
Elementary school days were filled with puffs and cornrows.
When I was younger, you couldn’t catch me outside of my home with my hair out in a fro or even some jumbo prison braids. I thought I looked crazy and that my hair was not pretty. In elementary school, most girls were still natural , but that changed drastically by the time I got to high school. The majority of my female classmates wore relaxed hair or were wearing weaves. I hate to say it, but I wanted to relax my hair too.

I wanted to relax my hair because everyone else was TAP TO READ MORE

LAZY DAY 4C NATURAL HAIR BUN : Perfect for Lazy Naturals


Have you ever wished that you could just TAP TO READ MORE

Natural Hair Interview: Renee Dawes (founder of Naturelle Grow)

  “…so whether your hair is fine, coarse, thick or thin that is the way God created it and He makes no mistakes…” – Renee Dawes

Renee Dawes is the entreprenuer behind the hand made, natural ingredient hair products of NaturelleGrow.   With thousands of TAP TO READ MORE




I love my natural hair, but there are some days,most days actually, that I don’t want to do to much to it. There are days when