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Yours Clothing Business Casual Dress

Business Casual Dresses with Style : Yours Clothing

Wearing business casual dresses is my go to choice for the workplace. There’s nothing l like the fuss free feeling (say that 5x fast)of putting on one piece of clothing, accessorizing, and heading out to that 9 to 5 . I lie. Sleeping in and not having to go anywhere feels loads better. However, bills, mouths to feed, and shopping funds and such as.

I recently picked out and received this palm print dress from Yours Clothing and lemme tell you something. If only I had one in every color and print imaginable for work. It exemplifies everything I look for in business casual dresses.

Business Casual Dresses Yours Clothing

Perfect Plus Size Business Casual Dresses Have


A Forgiving Length

The last thing I want to do as I’m picking up that paper clip from the floor is show a co-worker the origins of my son’s birth. Not cute. Ladies with the booties know exactly what I’m talking about. A hem line that keeps all my lady bits covered whether I’m standing, sitting, trying to put paper in the copy machine is essential.

A Touch of Style

The 9 to 5 life doesn’t have to be one that lacks style. Choose business casual dresses with cute details like pleats, ruffled, or fun prints.

Yours Clothing Palm Print Closeup

Fit Matters

One thing that leads to productivity is a lack of distractions. Ever spent an entire shift pulling up, pulling down, loosening, or tightening your outfit. So annoying. Boss business casual dresses require little to no adjusting throught the workday. Your dress should highlight and hint at your curves, but completely expose them. Clubwear=tight issa no.


A denim jacket and some ankle boots will easily transform this dress to a casual night out outfit. Dresses that offer up more than one way to style it keeps those coins right where they need to be. In your wallet until the next sale hits.

Business Casual Plus Size Clothing

Yours Clothing is easily earning a spot on my daily cyber stalking list. Not just for casual style, but also for maintaining my style in the work place.

How do you dress business casual?


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