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Walking Shoes w/ Style You Can Live In

Walking shoes with style were not always so easy to find. Growing up with size 11 feet on a little island with limiting shopping outlets was rough. If my mom found something that fit it was pretty blah for the most part. What I hated most about shoe shopping is the shoes were either flat, comfortable, and boring or stylish, comfortable, and high AF. There was no middle ground. I literally had to choose between boring or stylish shoes that had me walking like a newborn giraffe. Fast forward to now and I’m over looking like a new born on the Discovery Channel. Thankfully with the evolution of fashion and my own finances to buy what I want (cuz my mom was not in that with me), comfortable shoes no longer mean boring shoes.


I’ve been playing around with different shoe styles (even heels) to see just what works for me. It’s important for me to be comfortable, be able to wear them for long periods of time, and of course have something special about them. ASOS is my hands down favorite place to shop online for shoes that fit all that I need. Not to mention they’re currently having a 70% OFF sale (at the time of this post). So please don’t sleep.

spring workwear


Block Heels

These heels have just enough height that I actually feel a little bit taller without bending my ankles uncomfortably. The chunky heel provides more stability as well. My favorite pair are my go-to pair for my 9 to 5 and I’m never uncomfortable at the end of the day.



Flatforms elevate your feet evenly off the ground which makes it less stressful on your feet as you walk. If your balance is on point these are right up your alley.


Kitten Heels

Lissteen!! Don’t knock the kitten/mid heels. We all gotta start somewhere and if high heels equals high standards then low heels you down to earth. So there’s that and I’m sticking to it. 🙂




Sneakers are no longer reserved for athletes or jeans and tees outfits. They can easily be mixed with dresses, 9 to 5 outfits, and more. They come in an assortment of prints and finishes that make them seamlessly match your lifestyle.

how to style floral skirts


Last but certainly not least are flats. They’ve definitely come a long way from the Bruce Lee karate shoes and those duck shoes I swear everybody had in school. Now flats command just as much attention as 6″ heels without any of the pain.

Sacrificing comfort for style is far behind us.
Which comfy walking shoes with  style do you rock with?