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Plaids for Fall : A Perfect Fall Fashion DO

Playing in Plaids for Fall
As y’all know, wearing plaids for fall is a staple look, a given, a fall fashion OG you have to pay your respects to kinda thing. Often times fall fashion gets stuck on one type of plaid and it’s typically this one or this one. Then I check out and do my own thing because there’s a plethora of plaids to play with.
Eshakti plaid dress
 Eshakti plaid dress

My Kickstart to Wearing Plaids for Fall

Thankfully this fall season looks like there’s hope for some change because there are so many different plaids on trend right now. The plaid on this dress I recently thrifted from my local Goodwill got me so excited for fall. With navy blue, white, and burgundy stripes gives a cool fall vibe without being to overpowering.   I can’t lay my finger on the exact name of this plaid but it looks like a windowpane plaid to me.  Only windowpane plaids typically have single lines crossing each other versus two. If you know the exact name of this plaid let me know because I like to know stuff. 🙂
Windowpane plaids for fall
Plaids for Fall
plaids for all

More About this Dress

This dress is a custom made dress from Eshakti. Although it’s thrifted it looks brand spanking new and I got lots of compliments on it at work. I’ve never made a purchase from Eshakti directly before, but I am seriously into their clothing. Eshakti goes above and beyond providing fashion forward clothing for plus size bodies. They actually give you the ability to customize a piece to your liking. You can change sleeve lengths, collar styles, dress lengths, and even remove pockets (but we love pockets though). They even have a section in the ordering process where you can provide your body measurements so that your purchase will be tailored to your body!
Eshakti plaid dress
Fit is just as important as your style itself. If something doesn’t fit too well, it could take away from the entire look and make you feel uncomfortable. I really love their choice in plaid because it isn’t your typical plaid that you see every fall season. This dress can be worn all year round once you style it right.
Plus Size Tights for Fall
Florida weather is currently a rebel against the fall season. It’s still too warm for layering with outerwear so I wore burgundy tights and my black loafer heels from ASOS to give fall vibes.
Will you be rocking any plaid this season? Let me know which one.
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