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Finger Coils on 4c Natural Hair Must Read Tips

back to school hairstyle for boys

I’ve been trying finger coils out on my son’s kinky hair without gel and now I high key TAP TO READ MORE

Mommy & Me Type 4 Natural Hair Wash Day Routine

back to school natural hair

See why the Thermal Haircare Hot Head is the GOAT for your family's natural hair wash day routine.

Roll Tuck and Pin Natural Hairstyles You Must Try

roll tuck and pin 4c hair

Learn how to create this gorgeous roll tuck and pin style and get inspiration from 6 more tutorials inside.

Fulani Hairstyles (Inspired) No Braid Skills Needed

Fulani hairstyles have been literally all over social media are so gorgeous to look at. They’re so intricate and different from the usual natural hair styles that we usually see. A lot of them require some mad braiding skills with cornrows of all size going so many different directions. It’s definitely going to be a long upper arm workout getting that done on yourself by yourself. Although the intricate styles may be time consuming and very challenging, there are ways to grasp the essence of these Fulani hairstyles. In the video below I created two gorgeous Fulani hairstyles (Fulani inspired really) with my Afro Kinky 4b/4c clip ins from Xoticahair.com. It’s nice to have these clip ins to enhance my styles with more volume and length whenever I want it. All the time 🙂

Tips on Creating Your Own Fulani Hairstyles

  • Tendrils: A signature detail in most of these styles are braided or twisted tendrils that hang from temple regions of your head. They also hang at various lengths depending on the length of your overall style.
  • Adorn Your Tresses: Fulani hairstyles are gassed up to level GODDESS when they are adorned with hair jewelry like beads, loc jewelry, and cowrie shells. Make your styles more interesting with a mix of hair jewelry in metallic, wood, and other finishes.
  • Twists & Braids: These styles typically are have twists or cornrows  as little details to the style. The elaborate Fulani hairstyles are 100% cornrowed.
  • Make It Your Own: Make it your own when you can’t be bothered or your braiding skills just aren’t there.  Keep the twisting and braiding to a minimum like I did for these two styles. It’s also results in an easy take down process.

Are you going to be creating a Fulani-inspired hairstyle this summer?


Wash Day Routine in 30 Minutes! feat. Naturalicious

Naturalicious Review

The wash day routine is one aspect of natural hair maintenance that I know a lot of naturals dread. TAP TO READ MORE