Straw Beach Bag Clutch DIY for Summer

straw beach bag
A straw beach bag is always “in” this time of year, but who wants to be walking around on their vacay with the same damn bag everyone else got. “Not I” said the Lord (also said by me). I recently thrifted this straw clutch bag (below) from Dainty Rebel ReSale on Instagram. Yes, I have begun to thrift online! It’s the easiest way to beat the summer heat and still get my retail fix, but I digress. Let’s be honest there’s nothing spectacular about this bag, but your girl had a “That’s So Raven” -esque DIY vision when I saw it on my timeline. So I had to make that vision a reality. When I shop I stay on the affordable side of things for the most part, but I do splurge from time to time. However, before I decide to splurge, one of the questions I ask myself other than “Bitch are you really gonna go through with this purchase?” is “Can I make it myself?”. Sooo I made my own statement straw beach bag! This DIY is applicable to straw hats, full size beach totes, pillows, etc.

How to Make this Statement Straw Beach Bag Clutch

  • Make A Statement: Get you some ribbons, twines, etc. and create a fun one or two-word saying that speaks to you or the vibes you’re about. Words like “relax”, “beach bum”, “let’s get effed up” haha. Whatever you’re proud of. 🙂 Use a pencil or any other faint marking tool to create a layout of the phrase.
  • Use glue for a fast 1 hour project: Ever started a DIY project and half an hour later you say to yourself “This is gonna take longer than I thought!“? Suddenly you contemplate whether or not you’re really about that DIY life. Don’t over-complicate your straw beach bag DIY. Use a fast drying fabric glue or hot glue gun for secure applications. This project shouldn’t take more than 1 hour.
  • Embellish Queen: Maybe you don’t want everyone to know that you’re about that “turn up on a vacay” life and you just want to add pretty things to give your straw beach bag some fancy. Line the trim on your bag with fun trim ribbons or make colorful yarn tassels for a boho look. Add things like studs, patches, or pins to make your bag unique and 100% your own.

I know this is suppose to be a summer beach bag, but I plan on rocking this bag all year round in sunny Florida.

So what do you think? Are you here for fashion DIYs that save you coins?



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